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About 超级变态盟重新城 us

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CNS 超级变态盟重新城 functions as a state-level news agency spreading news worldwide, a database of information from global Chinese-language media and an international news agency. It fulfills its responsibility mainly through: traditional style of reports, including written reports, photos, wire news and feature stories; new style of reports, such as network information, videos, and 找1.76复古传奇网站 SMS; content provided to overseas Chinese-language newspapers; and self-run newspapers and journals.

Headquartered in Beijing, CNS has more than 2,000 employees at present. It has 46 branches and report stations in China and 清风复古传奇怎么升级 abroad, as well as news release centers in Beijing, New York and Hong Kong.

Based on a multi-channel, multi-tier and multi-function news release system, CNS keeps providing various news products including written reports, photos, network information, videos and SMS around the clock. Its clients and partners 04年我本沉默装备 extend all over the world.

As a Chinese-language media source, CNS was an Asian pioneer when it first set up its internet portal. The site www.chinanews.com was launched in Hong Kong in 1995. On January 1, 1999, the headquarters of CNS launched its official site, named Chinanews (www.chinanews.com.cn). Chinanews holds on to the fine traditions of CNS, featuring speed, simplicity, objectivity, rationality, professionalism and elegance. It is considered an important news site in China, as well as one of the world’s most important online sources of original Chinese news.

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